Sunday Night Reading List

Sunday Night Reading List – 25Mar2018

[This will be a weekly feature on Sunday nights (US Central Time) with a list of recommended reads for parents.]

Sunday Night Reading List

[Photo by Meenaks]

1. Reading the same book has its advantages

My daughter has a few favorite books that she likes me to read again and again and again and again for her. Although it sometimes frustrates me, I have to heed to her demand and end up reading it with her.   This article explains the advantages the child may get by re-reading the same book multiple times. These benefits include better vocabulary, comprehension, fluency, etc. [There was one book which my daughter read so many times that she memorized the whole book and could narrate by-heart without any prompts from me.] So take heart, all is well that repeats well! 🙂

2. Do you know the average number of questions asked by a four year old?

According to this post by Paula who blogs at Beauty Through Imperfection, a four year old asks 437 questions every day. Based on my experience, that sounds more like a conservative estimate! She says that each question is an opportunity for the parent to show love to the child. I have conducted sessions at my work place on Socratic Questioning methodology, so I know the importance of encouraging and nurturing a lot of questions from a curious child. So, don’t miss the chance to show(er) some love to your kid by answering those questions with patience.

3. Choosing the Right Sport for your Kid [Infographic]

Sport is an important physical activity that can help parents to direct the nearly-limitless energy exhibited by growing children. Besides, participation in sports helps to build character and understand team collaboration. I feel that the best aspect of sports is that it teaches the children to become resilient and “bounce back” from defeats. So, the blog Bounceback Parenting (a seamless segue, wouldn’t you agree?) has a lovely post featuring an infographic that helps you evaluate different sports and choose the one that would be right for your child. Do check it out.

4. 15 Tips for Wizarding World of Harry Potter tour at Orlando

I am a huge fan of the Harry Potter series, and I am waiting to introduce it to my daughter after she grows up a little more. The Wizarding World of Harry Potter attraction at Orlando [Universal Studies] is something I am looking forward to visit, after my daughter has joined the fandom. I read this article by Zina Harrington at Lets Lasso The Moon with interest, as it gave very good tips to enjoy the stay and explore the attractions in the most efficient manner. I have bookmarked it for my future reference, but if you are planning a visit anytime soon, please check it out.

5. Ten Powerful Phrases for times when emotions are high

There are several instances in our parenting journey when we have to deal with our child’s emotional outbursts. It can be anger, sadness, frustration, disappointment, and what not. This incredible post at the blog Nurture and Thrive explains the right phrases we can use to engage with the child meaningfully, to help the child understand their own emotional state and handle it better. In short, these can help you to be your child’s emotion coach! Do go through it, I found it very insightful.


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