Sunday Night Reading List

Sunday Night Reading List – 01Apr2018

[This will be a weekly feature on Sunday nights (US Central Time) with a list of recommended reads for parents.]

Sunday Night Reading List

[Photo by Meenaks]

1. How to Quickly Boost Your Child’s Money IQ?

Money is an important aspect of life that parents need to introduce to children. In today’s modern world, the sooner we do it, the better. This brilliant and comprehensive post from the blog “A Fine Parent” provides a lot of amazing tips and ideas on the when and how of speaking about money and making children understand it all through innovative and gamified activities.

2. Post-It Name Learning Activity

If you have an infant who is learning the alphabets right now, this is an interesting activity to try out at home, using just post-it notes. [via Busy Toddler blog.] It helps the child to learn to spell their name in a fun and easy manner. Try it out!

3. Five book series for kids who love Harry Potter

As I mentioned in my previous post, I am waiting for my daughter to grow up to introduce Harry Potter to her. But if your child has already started the series and likes it, this post from the Mom Advice blog gives suggestions for five other book series which would appeal to them. They are all from the similar fantasy genre. Give them a try.

4. Three things that happen to a baby’s body when they sleep

I was amazed to read this post from the Baby Sleep Site. (yeah, there’s a site dedicated to the topic!) There is useful information for new parents who want to ensure that your baby gets a full night’s restful sleep.

5. Mr. Sorto’s Class – The Salsa Way

I came across this interesting video of how a pre-school teacher is teaching salsa dance to his class in addition to math and science. Mr. Edwin Sorto is a professional dancer himself, and he says that the dance lessons help the children learn focus, discipline, team work and social skills. The video has very adorable dance moves by the children. There is a facebook page dedicated to following the activities of the kids (Mr. Sorto’s Class), it is very inspiring! Please check it out as well.


Hope you enjoyed this post and the reading recommendations. Please comment and join the conversation. Please like/share the social media post that brought you here!


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